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This page is an exclusive invitation to preview the new Some 'R' Set Remastered  decks and give us your opinion on them.


Take a look at the images, video and new rulebook (below) and tell us what you think. Fill out the form on this page, OR email directly at

We love your interest and appreciate your time to review. We'll be reading all of your several dozen reviews, so please give us your honest feelings! - this is our last chance to change the format before we print.

In general, we are not looking for small grammatical issue - those are being worked on. What we are looking for is how do you feel about the format in general, and what parts do you like or dislike and why?

We made a lot of changes, and we want know if you're interested, engaged, enjoying them, or if you don't like them - and why. We re-designed the cards with an old western saloon feel, gave them a cartoonish but sharp graphic look, designed the cards to look new but warn in, and then expanded on the rulebooks to make everything crystal clear while also adding some small fun cowboy-themed jokes and comments to the rulebook to honor Some 'R' Sets early 1900's midwestern and American heritage.

What are my plans?

In the near-ish future, I hope to add a Triple Some 'R' Set expansion pack (which adds the /1, /3, /5, /7, /9, /11 suits) to make Some 'R' Set a 6-10 player game! I'd like to expand how and where we sell them - adding them to physical stores.

We love your feedback and read and cherish every comment and thought. Spare no expense for us in your critique or praise.


Thank you!


- Levi

Tell us what you think!

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